Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I never make New Year's resolutions!

That said, the dawning of 2009 coincides with several changes in my life, each bringing its own decision and any disclaimer on my part will be ignored by one and all.

The sales of "The Widow-Maker" have been disappointing and New Concepts may praise the quality and writing of the three books of the First Family of the Blood series, but their returns have been below average because they are very technical for romances. It is hard not to make the connection between the two and New Concepts agree that future sales for Amy Gallow will be affected.

Amy still has three submissions live at two publishers and there will be the temptation to use another pseudonym if these are successful, but that does little to determine the future for the three WIPs in my computer.

All suffer the same disadvantages as my New Concepts books in being the type of stories I enjoy writing rather than middle of the genre stories that sell. It may be time to bid Amy adieu and thank her for her assistance in learning my craft as a writer. (She introduced me to some very good editors.)

To everyone else, I wish the very best of the New Year. I hope you survive our present financial difficulties with as little harm as possible.

It's a great life even so.