Thursday, September 17, 2009


In a little over a week, we're off to spend ten days with a grandson I haven't seen since he was three months old. He lives in Sydney, while we are in Melbourne and too many things have been allowed to gt in the way of visiting him and his parents. Some we had no choice about, but others we did, and I regret missing so much of his life.

For the rest, my coordinator duties for the annual competition at EPIC are winding down, I survived the interview on blog radio "What's Hot In Romance" thanks to the skill and generosity of Cat Johnson (you can listen to it here and my current WIP is on track for a November submission. (about the time Whiskey Creek Press release "A Fair Trader" - see above)
"Her Brother's Keeper" (my WIP) has passed through a number of name changes as the story itself changed and I'm still uncommitted to the present title. It began as a teaching tool for the writing classes I conduct in the adult education system here - a common story we could use to illustrate various stages in writing a novel, and was never intended as anything more. A simple, linear, story generated from a scene in a movie staring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman that owed nothing to the tale told by the movie and began as a means to show how a simple idea could be developed into a story.
Over a period of three years and ten courses, I added more and more until I had thirty thousand words written in fragments and had fielded innumerable queries as to why I didn't complete it for publication. A passing moment of weakness made me agree it should be finished and then the fun began.
More when I've finished it...
It's a great life.