Friday, April 19, 2013

I have been incredibly fortunate in my cover artists and Amanda Kelsey has done nothing to break the run. The ship in the foreground is larger and newer than the Sapphire Sea in the story but that is apparent only to experienced seamen. I have been accused of seeing the world only in shades of blue so the whole thing looks perfect to me.
The back cover blurb of the book reads:
" She was old, bordering on obsolescence, under-powered and small. Her crew were the last scrapings of the barrel, a mixture of drunks, old hands and new chums, yet the Sapphire Sea carried as many hopes and dreams on her last voyage as the most modern of her cousins in the Timor Sea.
Join her in Singapore and set sail with the others on her final charter. They won’t mind your company and you’ll glimpse a way of life experienced only by those who have the good fortune to experience it.

From that you can guess I enjoyed my time on the supply boats.