Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shuffling along.

Feodar's World has shuffled up the coming soon queue and may be released soon. I've included the one-liner and blurb for your interest

Love freed her people from the tyranny of distance, reuniting them with their kin, but there was a price.

From lonely commander of a scout ship to liberator was a larger step than Gabrielle knew, but Karrel was there and she took it, starting a new era for wandering humanity. One planet triggered the change and paid the price, becoming Feodar’s World and their son returned to become its liberator with an epic voyage against the odds to reach the Treaty Port and Rachael to start yet another cycle.

The First Family from New Blood continue their exploration of Peter’s reality, gaining a beautiful recruit and embarking on another quest against tyranny.

I finished the setup of a Myspace page to celebrate and you can view it here. Please feel free to add yourself as a friend.

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