Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time for an update

A visitor to this blog recently read every post, which was very flattering, but it made me realize how lax I've been of late and how frequently I've left my news unfinished so I thought it time to rectify the omission.

We now have six grandchildren. Ella Joan joined us a little over two weeks ago at 9lb 60zs. She has dark hair (so far) and is remarkably placid for this family.

My sister has recovered from her stroke and has returned home with only minor disabilities.

The screenplay of The Widow-Maker is proceeding well, according the Spirit Rider Productions, and the book has been entered in the "Eppies" this year. It also has another review. This one from Verbena, of The Long and the Short reviews. She gave it four and a half book symbols and I've included it here in italics.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting in this book because of the title. I must say that it’s a good read. The author presents a very measured pace that is easily followed. The story takes place in an Australian motorcycle race setting. It was unfamiliar to me so I had to read slowly in order to understand the surroundings. Someone familiar with that setting and scenario wouldn’t have the same problem. It’s an easy read that will leave you with a satisfied feeling. It works out for all in the end. I do like that kind of ending.
Lexie Douglas comes from a small island off the mainland of Australia. This return, forced because of her father’s birthday, is bittersweet because she left family and lifestyle behind years ago. You begin by not being sure about Lexie. But as her past is revisited here and there during the story you start to appreciate her for who she is, a fighter over coming her own fears and life experiences. You’re with her as she starts seeing her family in a different perspective and starts changing her own attitude. You’ll come to admire her as I did.
Glenn Smallwood catches her eye at one of the social events she’s paid to entertain at. Their paths cross again and again. He continues to impress her with his steadfastness. They both find that they quite simply have quickly fallen in love. What I find interesting is that I couldn’t tell you what either looked like, because it’s like people that you know and love. You no longer see them as beautiful or what color eyes they have, instead you see them with your heart. You will see both these characters with your heart. You will admire them and feel the deepest of satisfaction with the story and the way it ends as I did. This is a very pleasant story and I recommend it to you.

The first draft of The Countess and the Privateers is finally complete and I am mulling over the comments from an agent before I begin the rewrite/polishing.

The love of my life joins me in the seventies in a little over a week and has opted for a hot air balloon ride to celebrate (the other choice was a tandem parachute jump--which we will save for the eighties), followed by a champagne breakfast at a Yarra Valley winery.

It's a great life.

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