Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Coasting Contest is live at Coffee Time Romance

Eternal Press released Coasting on August 1st and Coffee Time Romance are running a competition on their contest page . The prize is a download of the book and a $25 Coffee Time Romance voucher to spend in their book store. The answers are on the Coasting page of my websites

The following excerpt doesn't have the answers, but you might enjoy it anyway.

Doug’s mind wandered. His snatches of sleep since the boiler failed  were not enough and tiredness was a leaden weight on his shoulders. He'd husbanded the others as much as he could but there’d always been something urgent he had to do immediately.

Things had steadied now. Around him, everyone did their jobs and his focus drifted. It would be tempting to find a seat somewhere and sit for a while.

He reacted slowly to Taff’s sudden movement and incoherent shout. It was not till the man’s hand closed on the live bar that he shouted, “No, Taff, don’t!”

It was too late. The alternating current constricted the tendons and Taff’s hand locked itself around the bar. He gave a weird wavering wail and appeared to dance a jig about the bar. Doug caught the whiff of burning flesh and it galvanized him into action. He took two running steps and swung his right foot in a mighty kick to break Taff’s deadly grip.
The jolt of the current wiped out his mind before he knew if he’d succeeded
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