Sunday, June 11, 2006

Beauty and the eye of the Beholder

I received an odd email this morning, purportedly from an American living in the Philippines, asking what was the most beautiful Australian city in a cliche sense. My first reaction was to delete it as spam, but I attempted to answer it in spite of my reservations because I found it difficult and difficult things attract me.

Sydney makes the loudest claims to beauty, but Sydney is the loudest in everything. The Gold Coast runs it a close second. Melbourne shares with Vancouver (BC) the tag of being the world's most livable city (or did.) and the environs of Hobart are spectacular. Albany (in WA) has King George's Sound and Perth (also in WA) has the Swan River and Fremantle (named for one of Nelson's Band of Brothers). Their diversity creates confusion when considering them in terms of beauty. It's much easier to name personal favorites, which I won't, or the most uniquely Australian (Darwin).

I hope my answer made sense to the American, if the inquiry was genuine, or my spam and virus filters work well enough if it wasn't.
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