Monday, June 12, 2006

Four Roses for Mitchell's Valley

Romance Reader at Heart reviewed Mitchell's Valley and gave it four roses. This is what they said.

If you’re in the mood for a modern romance, look no further! Amy Gallow’s MITCHELL’S VALLEY is just the book for you. With its interesting characters and beautiful settings, you’re sure to enjoy this book.
Cynthia Sheldon has just been rescued from near death by the handsome Andrew Mitchell. After a passionate kiss goodbye, he gives her a trinket and asks that she never forget him. Once Cynthia is finally recovered, she realizes that the trinket Andrew gave her was a golden nugget! Intrigued by this man and the memory of his kiss, Cynthia goes on a quest to find him to thank him again for his generosity, and perhaps reenact their parting kiss. But what she finds instead is a mystery that she is committed to solve, no matter what.
Drew Mitchell is a descendent from the legendary Andrew Mitchell, for whom his ranch is named. Drew is one hunky cowboy! When Cynthia finds Drew, she swears that he was the one who rescued her. But Drew denies it, and claims instead that it was his namesake, the deceased Andrew Mitchell who saved her instead. Could it be? A ghost who saved her and kissed her? Although Cynthia is willing to play along with Drew’s story for a little bit, she can’t help but think that maybe he’s telling the truth. A ghost did save her.
MITCHELL’S VALLEY sizzles with the romance between Cynthia and Drew! I loved that Ms. Gallow added the mystery of Andrew Mitchell as the driving force to bring together Cynthia and Drew. She keeps you guessing as to whether it was really Andrew Mitchell’s ghost who rescued Cynthia.
I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading MITCHELL’S VALLEY. I breezed through the book and I was satisfied with how it ended. All in all, a very good read!
Julie Kornhausl

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