Sunday, August 10, 2008


Satisfying as it was, the film rights contract, is a tomorrow task, and my present WIP has taken too long and had too many interruptions. The latest one my computer.

It is fourteen years old now and I have upgraded components only as required to do whatever task I needed, the last addition an external hard drive to free up some space on C drive for the insatiable appetite of Windows. Every morning I had to spend fifteen minutes clearing up clutter before I could start.

The temptation was to start all over again with a new computer, but this one is organized precisely as I want it and the cost of a new one would make too great a hole in my writing budget.

When I shut everything down for some routine maintenance (cleaning fluff from cooling fans, cards etc.) I considered my options.

The motherboard was still capable of the routine writing tasks, aided by recently added graphics and sound cards, although it was at its limit with 2 Gig of RAM, and the only avenue of improvement lay in the hard drive--at 10 Gig, it was struggling.

A second-hand 120 gig drive was sourced and the contents of my present drive "ghosted" onto it before fitting. A day of reorganisation followed, mainly undoing the economies forced onto me by the small hard drive and my computer now amazes me with its speed and reliability, most of my manual maintenance tasks now automated.

Barring family distractions, I now have no excuse.

Back to 1802!

It's a great life.

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