Monday, April 26, 2010

Another good year?

I released three books in 2009: "Snow Drifter"; "A Soldier's Woman"; and "A Fair Trader". I've begun this year with five submissions and they are all ticking down to their response dates. Two represent the next stage in my long term planning as a writer and I am understandably nervous, having gone for a while without a rejection. Both were triggered by the uniformly good reviews for the 2009 books, but I wonder if I've not taken a step too far. Only time will tell.
Where next?
That depends on the two.
Rejection without feedback will send me into analysis of the stories and writing, to see how each can be improved while I continue writing at the level where I am successful. I already have two projects at that level and one of the adult education courses I conduct is due to start mid May.
Acceptance will shift my focus to a new level of story and a set of projects waiting to be started.
Either way, I will continue to learn a craft that fascinates me.
Romance with a touch of reality...or vice versa?
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