Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Good Companion

I began writing as a relaxation over thirty years ago, an hour's escape each day from the pressures of a 24/7 career and there were times when I owed my sanity to the practice. I kept a journal too, a lightning conductor where I could write the thoughts it was impolitic to say aloud. Reading my early prose is an education in the way I matured, both personally, and as a writer, through the years.
When I sought feedback by entering competitions some twelve years ago, I found myself with a contract to write five books for a new Australian publisher in fifteen months and a new name, Amy Gallow, because every woman knows that men know nothing about romance. (The name came from my wife's middle and maiden names, proving I knew a little, at least). Fourteen published stories later (Whiskey Creek Press will release "Her Brother's Keeper" later this year)I dusted off some of my earlier ideas and received a contract from Eternal Press for "The First-Born", a science fiction fantasy of time travel, love and some speculative musing over the obituary of a WWI veteran.
It is the first in a series and the first under my own name and you can read more about it and me at
Amy will continue to write romance, with at least one WIP approaching completion.
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