Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The best laid plans....

I tackled the long overdue task of sorting through the Aladdin's cave of things left temporarily (?) by our children during their various shifts from one house to another, a dark corner of our garage that has grown exponentially to take up both workshop and car spaces. The first stage was to sort things into piles of ownership, a process growing more difficult as I ventured further and further into terra incognito.

Near the end, when I had three piles of identified, but forgotten treasures under the shelter of the carport and a garage that echoed noise strangely, I stepped back and onto a can of spray paint that had escaped one of the boxes when I was shifting it and fell heavily.

Initially just winded, it wasn't until I attempted to rise that I realized that I'd twisted or banged my left knee and it wouldn't support me. As always, in these events, I was home alone and it took me twenty minutes to get to my feet with the aid of a work bench.

Today is a little better and I can hobble slowly and painfully while we wait for the results of x-rays etc.

For over seventy years, I have commanded my body and it this the beginning of anarchy?
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