Saturday, April 28, 2012


With "Coasting" awaiting edits and cover art, I turned to some of my other writing from my sea-going days and found one that was worth another look. It chronicles the death of an aging supply boat in the Timor Sea and begins with two survivors floating in the darkness after the ship has sunk. It was originally written in 1982 and is the product of twenty years experience in the industry, working with crews not all that different from the one in the story.
This is a picture of one about the right vintage and size.
They have a working crew of nine, a skipper, a mate, two engineers and five seamen and do everything, rig shifts, anchor work, towage and supplies. I've sailed through cyclones in them and spent endless days towing rigs and other things half way around the world.
A marvellous way of life when you're young.
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