Monday, January 28, 2008

A Fair Trader

A Fair Trader is yet to be released but it already has its first review at Simply Romance Reviews

Shari thought:
The last night of a cruise is suppose to be the most memorable; or so Ruth is told. Being escorted to dinner by the Chief Engineer, Matthew, might be just the thing to make the night memorable. Ruth is ready to throw caution to the wind and go forward with the one night, no strings attached, cruise affair and she thinks that Matthew is too. But duty calls and Matthew has to work into the night and neither have the chance to say goodbye. They both leave letters for the other but the letters never find their way to their final destination. One night of promised passion turns into five years of "What happened?"
Ruth is in town for a conference when a group of men enter the bar as she is reviewing her notes. One voice takes her back to a time five years ago when she knew who and what she wanted. Would Matthew recognize her? Would they pick up where they left off? And what happened to the letter that he left for her and she gave to a friend of his? Will that night of passion that was interrupted finally conclude?

A Fair Trader by Amy Gallow was entrancing. Ms. Gallow's attention to detail made you feel as if you were an invisible bystander witnessing everything unfold right in front of you. You felt Ruth's fear, love, doubt, and anger like it was your own. It was a really enjoyable read.

I've decided to add Shari to my Xmas card list.

Amy (?)
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