Saturday, January 19, 2008

Onwards & Upwards

A friend suggested "onwards and upwards" as my motto for 2008 and it took an encouraging response from Allen & Unwin (after two days of minding energetic grandchildren) to make it seem right. I'd read the material submitted to them only the day before and was appalled at its faults (telling rather than showing, jumping POVs and inserting information the character had no way of knowing--all proof that submissions should be carefully planned rather than impromptu, as this one was).

A friend, a very gracious lady, appears to be losing her sixteen year battle against cancer with the recent appearance of a new strain, both aggressive and invasive. We can do little except stand on the sidelines and applaud her courage in this new battle. Her passing will be a loss to all.

Other than that, we are deep in house maintenance, installing a pressure pump and watering system from our rain water tanks and a recycling system for some of our "grey" water to the ornamental garden. Add some baby-sitting commitments while our children settle into the new working year, and our bed is quite inviting at the end of the day.

For all that --- "Onwards and Upwards!!"

Seventy is just a number, and battles can be won as well as lost.

Amy (?)
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