Friday, May 25, 2012

Education Week

Part of the Education Week festivities in Victoria is Grandparent's Day, where the younger students can invite their grandparents to the school to see the work they do. With eight grandchildren, it's been a busy week for us. Fortunately, the schedules of individual schools did not clash and we managed to visit each grandchild's school and enthuse about their work.
At one school there was a concert, with each group of children presenting a short item and I was amazed at how confidently most of them took the stage. I would never have managed it at their age.
At another, the senior students ran the assembly, ably assisted by their juniors, while, at the third, we were invited to share lunch with our grandchildren and be shown through their class rooms and the work they are doing.
One grand-daughter (9) sang solo at assembly (she is already part of the Australian Girl's Choir program)
Education has come a long way since the authoritarian, lock-step days of my childhood and, if my generation still has doubts about some aspects of its journey, there are times when it seems amazingly successful.
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