Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Luck of the Irish

I'm not Irish, either by inclination or descent, but an outlaw who proclaimed his Irishness is almost a national hero here in Australia and "Game as Ned Kelly" is an accolade well worth the earning.
Every group of emigrants has brought something with them to enrich our society, even our indigenous people came from somewhere else whilst the land bridge to Asia still existed. (This continual movement makes a nonsense of claims to land ownership, which will remain long after we're gone, but that's another subject.)
Getting back to the Irish and the diasporas that have sown their seed in every corner of the Earth. It wasn't a sense of adventure that drove them, it was desperation. They fled Ireland to escape starvation, poverty, persecution and, sometimes, prosecution, enriching their new home without ever relinquishing their old.
I salute them, but hope my luck will always be better than theirs.
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