Saturday, March 11, 2006

Out on its own in the world

With "New Blood" out in the world on its own and the second book "New World" put aside until I can start the editing process with fresh eyes, I've begun the third book. It only has a working title for the moment "Treaty Port" because that's the goal of the hero at this stage of the story.

These three stories are the first time I've used the same environment more than once and it's interesting. The first book dealt with it's creation, the second with its pre-history and the third with its distant future and each story grew from elements of the one before so it's probably more accurate to call them a series rather than a trilogy.

I'm having fun with the terminology of a theocracy in this third book. It has to grow logically out of the history that created it as well as being readily recognizable to a new reader - a part of writing we hope the reader never thinks about.

I must admit to some nervousness about "New Blood". It's a great yarn, but a little unusual and probably sits closer to the edge of its genre than is entirely comfortable and although the cover art is excellent, I'm not sure its entirely appropriate.

The truth is that another of my babies has ventured out into the world on its own and I'm a worried parent.

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