Monday, March 13, 2006

Vampires, were-wolves and other beasties

I'm on their side.
Created out of ignorance and saddled with impedimenta neither logical nor attractive to give an explanation for their existence, (It doesn't really matter whether it's imposed by religion or pseudo-science, it's still unattractive) they are the untermenschen of society. Tradition gives them enough power that their defeat reflects credit on the victors, but they are programmed to fail individually even as they provide a continuing presence to justify their persecution.
It's not fair!
Romantics humanize them, believers demonize them, everyone wants them to change. I vote to set them free from their dependency on us and let them escape. They deserve an existence without the restrictions our ancestors have imposed and we have refined endlessly.
Free the creatures of the night. Let them depart unheralded into the great unknown.
It's the reason I don't write vampire stories
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